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November 12, 2016

Modern Life

Modern world is very fast and the speed is catching up to the extent that we are entering the nano world with nano speed. This is happening because this is man’s internal speed who seems to be very calm from outside. A man’s machinery can be felt only when you tear the skin. Today our lives are influenced in every way like never before with science & technology. We were taught to believe that this is wonderful, comfortable and have rich rewards. But see our plight! We are challenged with imaginary and real risks in every corner of our life. We are confused and taking its toll on health. We believe that everything has a scientific basis.

But according to the great geo physicist Marcia McNutt – “Science is Not A Body of Facts”.

It’s only a method for deciding whether what we believe has a basis in the laws of nature or not. Hence this can be changed and proved otherwise, thus run into trouble again and again. This dilemma can be solved only by understanding –

  • Life mechanism
  • How to balance body to the environment by our mind
    • For this one should have a clear understanding of the body chemistry & physics and what’s around us.
  • The challenge of today is how to deliver the basic requisites of cellular function to the site of action.
  • Scientific advances have un ravelled the mystery and science behind some of our ancient belief system and the role of light in health, disease & life.

Wellness Program

We at Wellness Solutions have developed various wellness programs for clearly assessing the health and wellness and adequate measures to improve intake of stored light from food.

  1. Binu jacob says:

    Very informative about modern life style issues and cellular requisites.

  2. PN. Muthukrishnan says:

    Interesting for more and details. Congratulations for good effects and work for the mankind.Thank you Sir.



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