Metabolic Assessments

Preservation of one’s health is easier than fighting for a cure against a disease. The best place to start taking care of your health is by first knowing how healthy you are right now.

Our Wellness Solutions’ health practitioners carryout an in-depth assessment of your health. Our assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Metabolic and other health assessment formats to assess your overall health.

We believe that the overall health needs to be assessed to understand your current well-being. Our assessments’ focus has always been on health rather than just diagnosing diseases. This is the reason why we do not stop with just a medical examination.

Our nutrition assessment is a thorough objective and subjective evaluation of:

  • Food and nutrient intake
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history

Once the data is assessed and the nutritional status of the person is evaluated then our practitioners recommend suitable interventions. These interventions are designed to either maintain the current nutrition status or achieve a healthier status. When suggesting the ideal intervention to maintain the optimal nutritional level, we understand that the individual’s metabolism also plays a key role here.

Metabolism is the process and speed in which the body converts food into fuel for burning it. Metabolism largely impacts the way in which one may gain or lose weight. There are many factors that influence the metabolic rate, such as, gender, age, muscle mass, etc. Metabolism assessments offers information on the body’s energy balance that is, caloric intake versus energy expended. With the help of this assessment we can:

  • Identify the optimal heart rate zones where your workouts are of maximum effectiveness
  • Know how many calories you burn during exercise
  • Discern how many calories your body burns naturally
  • Discover how much you can eat daily without gaining weight and maintain a healthy lean body mass

Based on these and other heath assessments our practitioners can develop a customized cardio plan, weight management plan and an overall wellness plan for your complete well-being. To know more about our Wellness Assessments and to identify what type of assessment will suit you the best, please connect with us.

“There is no better time than now, to start living healthy.”