School Health Program

About Us
School Health Programme is the prime wellness programme of Wellness Solutions. The aim of the programme is to build a healthy generation and to create wellness zone in every school. We provide health assistance, mentoring and training for students, parents and teachers. Wellness Solutions launched the school health programme in the year of 2012. Over the years we have touched more than 1, 80,000 lives and provided assistance to more than 60 satisfied schools every year.

Why School Heath Programme?
Inculcating healthy behaviors during childhood is a lot easier and effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood. Today’s many deadly diseases can be significantly reduced by helping children fostering good habits and positive lifestyles at an early age. We focus on both health awareness and education in a way that will reach the current generation of youngsters. Our approach is holistic, consultative and our programs can smoothly intergrade into the youngsters’ lifestyle. We also provide one-on-one guidance and counselling. Our School Health Programs are designed with the aim to create healthy and productive citizens of tomorrow.

Our Mission is to provide personalized, proactive, predictive and preventive three dimensional health (Mind, Body&Environment)

Our Vision is to utilize the best in Science & Technology in the natural way for educating and empowering people to achieve sustainable health and well-being in this fast and ever evolving universe by promoting staff engagement and pursuing community partnership and strategic alliances.

Our Concept
Children are the greatest asset of any country. The health investment in children is the investment in the future of nation. It is essential to build on the components of knowledge relating to health and nutrition, personal hygiene, develop healthy attitudes and enhance life skills to overcome the multiple health concerns affecting school going children.
Wellness solutions is looking for developing a healthy environment in school through, school health initiative programme by using wellness friendly services.An integrated Medical, School, Family and community approach can enhance the health and well-being of students through School Health Initiative Program.

Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd has done School Health program in more than 60 CBSE schools across Kerala since five years. Objectives of our school health programme are as follows:

  • To provide a comprehensive and sustainable school health program.
  • To give the services in preventing, protecting and improving the health status of the school population.
  • To manage the health issues of sustainable health in school going children.
  • The physical, mental, emotional and psychological health is checked.
  • To identify and manage the psychosocial problems by preventive health care.

  • Services

  • School Health Card will be issued to each student.
  • Body Mass Index, Blood pressure & Pulse will be checked.
  • Screening and examination by clinical experts in ENT, dental, General Investigation & Ophthalmology.
  • Complete health assessment and Nutritional assessment.
  • One group counseling session for students by experts.
  • Empowering program for Teachers will be given by Health experts.
  • Need based individual Counseling services.
  • Empowerment programme for teachers
  • Complementary health checkups for teaching and non-teaching staffs.

  • Outcome

    Outcome for School

  • Sustainable development of the students through three dimensional methodology. (Mind, Body&Environment)
  • Health promotion can assist schools to meet their goals in educational attainment and social aims
  • Less absenteeism and better academic performance

  • Outcome for Parents

  • Early detection of disease / abnormalities, which when treated in time, allows the child to lead a normal life
  • Individual records are accessible to the parents
  • Allows the child to improve the quality of life
  • Better physical and mental health of students

  • Outcome for Teachers

  • Early detection of disease / abnormalities through timely health check ups
  • Empowerment programme helps in better classroom management and enrich the creative thinking and problem solving skills.