Heart Disease

Heart disease is the largest cause of death today.
High blood pressure, cholesterol and coronary artery diseases lead the table. Despite all advances in medical care more and more people are getting affected and they are forced to live with disease as there is no curative treatment available.
We are living in plenty today, but we are forced to restrict. This has not given any positive result. To our credit we have patients from advanced to simple cases.
In all we were able to improve the quality of life, lift un-necessary restrictions, reduce medicine support and become more productive.
We have rolled out different programs to suit individual customers. We have a combination of Nutrition and Yoga for heart disease.

We use personalized approach to the patients combining the conventional medical line with the cellular and nutritional medicine combined with detoxification measures. This will completely reverse the cardiac damage and people can stop taking regular medicines. We can also thus prevent the long term complications coming out of heart diseases. All the treatments will be based on the health parameters of the patient and for this we do personal metabolic profiling.  Ozone therapy also has shown great results in our treatment methodology.