Digital Functional Cellular Medicine

This is a new feature from Wellness Solutions which is designed by Dr.A.Sreekumar to facilitate our services online seamless and with ease. The main aim of these services are to improve the functional health at the cellular level by scientific holistic approach using Cellular Metabolic Assessment Monitoring System. We have three services available online which are:

  • Normal Wellness Consultation : A one time Online consultation with a wellness consultant which will help you to get an advice on your current health status.
  • Advanced Wellness Consultation: Two online consultations in span of 7 days with a wellness consultant for all the patients who require our medical assistance online for improving your health.
  • Metabolic Assessment : Three online consultation in span of thirty days with a wellness consultant. In this option there is a complete metabolic profiling which includes assessment of all the system in the body including mental health.

    This includes
    • An assessment based on routine questionnaire
    • All the necessary biochemical and hormonal investigation advice (which can be done at any lab)
    • Genomic Analysis (Optional)
    • A detailed metabolic report which will include your current health status and custom designed exercise protocols, diet protocols, fasting protocols, nutritional supplement protocols and medicine protocols.