Wellness Nutritional Detox

The journey towards sustainable health starts with Detoxification. It must include a complete medical examination, nutritional, metabolic and other health assessments to assess your overall health. Once the status of your heath is ascertained, you know how healthy you really are. Thus, the detoxification intervention can be implemented accordingly.


Detoxification is a primary function of the body. It is when the body naturally neutralizes, transforms or gets rids of all the unwanted materials or toxins. This is the basis for one’s wellness management. Our detoxification treatment aids in enhancing and optimizing the body’s detoxification systems. We achieve this through a two pronged approach:

  • First we decrease the amount of toxins that we put into the body.
  • At the same time, we support the body with the much needed nutrients that will enable the body to function properly.


From an early age, we have been taught the importance of keeping our body clean regularly by brushing our teeth, taking a shower, etc. Unfortunately, no one teaches us how to aid our body in its internal cleansing process. The detoxification process is important as it makes us healthy and aids in optimum functioning of our body.


Though detoxification is a natural process it may not function effectively for everybody all the time because we do not always help our body detoxify effectively. It is also hard to know when our internal cleansing mechanisms are not functioning well. For example, unlike other body parts it is hard to know how well our liver is working all the time. Liver is the main detoxification organ in our body. Our body needs hundreds of enzymes, vitamins and it manufactures molecules to help get rid of unwanted waste products, chemicals and toxins. Although the liver and the intestinal tract does the bulk of the work, the kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and the skin are all involved in this complex detoxification procedure.


Our detoxification treatment primarily supports these organ’s natural function to eliminate toxins by metabolizing and excreting the toxins present in the body. We provide natural fibre, vitamins and minerals supplements, complemented with pure water, clean air and a peaceful environment to enable the body to function better. We offer natural detoxification treatments and chelation. We specialize in Colon cleansing and Liver detox. We combine Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation along with Music therapy as the bases of our Wellness Nutritional Detox. Our goal is to detox both the mind and body. Detoxification is done for a small period of time at regular intervals and over the years our patients have seen wonderful results. They have found that once their mind and body is detoxified, they feel better and their body naturally heals quickly and functions more effectively than before. To know more about our detoxification treatments and to identify what type of detoxification treatment will suit you best, please connect with us.


A healthy outside starts from inside.”