Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases, not that it take life but it make life very horrible. Today it’s emerging as a major epidemic and most affected are in younger age group.
India will have the largest incidence of cancer very soon. Technologies for diagnosis & treatment have improved and many types of treatment have come.
Millions spent for research and as result many screening procedures have come. But rate is just multiplying & sufferings infinite! Many varieties of treatment available, but none will prevent or solve the issue and sufferings.
We have designed special wellness treatment module combining mind & body.
Nutritional therapy is the basic mode of treatment combining well with modern medicine, ayurveda, naturopathy & homoeopathy. In last eight years we have to our credit hundreds of satisfied customers, mostly from advanced stages of cancer like breast cancer, sarcoma, and lymphoma.
Cancer is not deadly as one think if properly managed. Managing cancer is not treatment alone as everyone thinks. One can overcome this only by a strong mind. Strong mind reside only in a strong body. Interventions through medicines and otherwise have only limited value and sometimes no benefit if there is no health. Health improvement is the key and our programmes are aimed at making patient active partners with doctors.
Wellness management in cancer is mainly at sub cellular level and hence no side effects. Care your health cancer disappear.