Palliative Care

Successful Patient Care is a result of truly caring for the patient, as healing starts with caring.

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialized healthcare for individuals with chronic illnesses or diseases. The goals of our palliative care are:

1.Early prevention and disease cure

2. Provide symptomatic improvements for the patients

3. Investigate and cure the root cause of the chronic health condition

4. Provide psychological, social, spiritual and holistic support to the patients during the treatments

5. Support the family in managing and coping with the patient’s illness

6. Provide counselling for patient and their family

7. Enhance quality of life for the patients by changing their lifestyle

8. Positively influence the overall course of the illness

Our approach to Palliative care has always been proactive, multidisciplinary, supportive, optimistic and systematic. The Palliative care teams work in tandem with the treatments, doctors, patient and their family. The team spends as much time as necessary to constantly communicate with the patient, their family and the doctors. They support the patient and their family at every step of the treatment. The true success of our treatments arises from our committed Palliative care team, who continuously strive to provide incessant opportunities to support and enhance the overall results for our patients.

Holistic healing and overall improvement of mind, body and spirit is the key. We ensure that the patient and their family actively partner with our doctors. If you or a loved one is currently facing a serious illness or health concerns, then connect with us and you will benefit from our palliative care.