Diabetes is considered a global epidemic affecting every region and in all sections of society.
We believe that diabetes is not a disease of sugar as everyone believes. It’s a disease of Insulin & Pancreas. Hence any management to bring down blood sugar level either by diet restriction or medicines alone cannot cure diabetes.

Almost 80% of hospital admissions are diabetic related and India & Kerala are topping the world. Over the years, conventional management has proved that this cannot be nipped by medicines or other conventional management.
We have rolled out specific wellness management programme to win over diabetes. During last 6 years we have successfully managed even the most complicated cases through our wellness management programme.

We have averted amputations and helped in healing of gangrene, retinopathy, neurological and other peripheral vascular diseases.
Our approach and treatment are different from others. Our aim is to give personalized diabetic management and hence we do our clinical assessment taking a different approach. Once the investigation is done we take a conventional approach for treating the disease. More importantly along with these medicines we adopt our own unique and scientifically proven measures to prevent any complication in diabetics and eventually try to limit the use of medicines. This is very essential for the proper control and regeneration of damaged organs, which is a definite occurance due to diabetics. Our aim is to help the patient to control diabetic without the use of harmful medicines which have definite side effects.

What is the personalized approach?
Diabetic is not a disease. For treating it we have to give some ‘lifestyle directions’ to the patient along with the conventional treatment. We do a complete health assessment to know more about the person’s overall health condition. There are cases where the patient may have high blood sugar. In such cases we may have to continue the medicines he is taking or in some cases we might have to switch to some other medicines. Whatever be the case we see to it that all these problems are resolved and the patient regains proper health.  Once the condition is normal then the aim is to maintain it at healthy levels. Once this stage of ‘maintenance’ is reached we recommend a personalized lifestyle management program.

Treatment process:
Step 1: It involves any one stream of the medicine like conventional medicine be it Allopathy, Ayurveda etc.
Step 2: Nutritional Medicine. We go much beyond nutritional supplements.  Using our scientific assessments we find out the nutrients balance in the body and then support the treatment using Nutritional Medicine.  Detoxification also is part of this procedure.
Step 3: In this stage we advice what lifestyle the patient should lead especially giving emphasise on exercise, relaxation and diet. We also educated them on personalized health management.

Other than the above, the most important thing a patient needs to be aware of is why he/she got diabetics in the first place.  One important aspect we deal with is preventing diabetic genes to be transferred to next generation through their genes. For this we follow the NUTRIGENOMICS.

Diabetic is an epidemic and affecting millions. India is the diabetic capital of the world.  Prevention and treatment of Diabetic is a challenge but what we offer is proper management.  Regenerating damaged cells in the organs is the ultimate solution which we achieve through our interventions.