Dr.Renji O Raphael.

I was suffering from Psoriasis for the past 15yrs. I then decided to go to Wellness Solutions and to my surprise I was recovered in 7days by Detoxification and Wellness management. Now, I am very happy about my improved health and I feel very confident. I am not on any medication, but only under die...

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Maneesha’s Mother

My Daughter Maneesha is 13 yrs old and she was suffering with Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) – Right Hip and was operated for the same. We were all unhappy at home since, it recurred again and we did not know what to do. Finally, by god’s grace we reached Wellness Solutions and my daughter was treate...

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Mrs. Sarojini

I am Mrs. Sarojini amma and I am 79 yrs old. I was a Diabetic patient and finally there was a stage where a few doctors advised me for foot amputation. I was completely against the surgery. We then came to know about Wellness Solutions and approached them in May 2005. They gave me a lot of confidenc...

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