NEMCON 2022 – 12th International Conference in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine


In this modern time, the majority of the population are affected by chronic non-communicable diseases that cannot be contained by standard conventional medical treatment. The simplistic cause and effect view of disease is unsuccessful in treating the current swell of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.

The new wave of chronic diseases without a specific cause needs newer systems-based approach with multiple targets to make a difference.

Backed up by science

International and local experts will be delivering latest research and innovations in the areas of Nutrition, Diet, Herbs and other natural measures that are absolutely essential to achieve these results using a multi-dimensional approach.

This conference will highlight the role of the environment for the epigenetic expression of genes by combining food, nutrients, herbs and lifestyle measures to optimize health and reverse disease at a cellular level.

12th International Conference in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Welcome to an international conference focused on discussions in the latest global innovations in preventive and curative cellular medicine.


Integrative Functional Medicine & Community Medicine

Conference Date

August 27th & 28th 2022

Conference Venue

Ramada Resort, Kochi

Conference Highlights

Family Physician & Health Care

Epigenetic Intervention in Prevention and Cancer Management

Metabolic Therapy in Lifestyle Diseases

Innovations and latest trends in Health Care – EECP

Mind, Brain & Gut in Health

Who can benefit from this event

This event is perfect for doctors, professionals, researchers, and students.

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